Quick Trade

Quick trade is an easy trading interface where you can easily buy and sell assets, animals, and other game objects in three quick steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is quick trade?

Quick trade is an easy trading interface where you can easily buy and sell assets, animals, and other game objects without having to worry about complicated matters such as markets, order book, chart etc.

Step 1: Open the quick trade panel from wallets dashboard
Step 2: Select asset you wish to buy or sell.
Step 3: Enter the quantity or amount.
Step 4: Review the payable or receivable amount.
Step 5: Click Buy or Sell to place the order.

Once the transaction is processed, assets will be credited or debited from your account instantly.

There is no trading fee at the moment.

Sometimes orders may not be processed instantly. In those cases you can cancel the order.

To cancel: Open the Quick trade panel > Orders > find the order you wish to cancel and tap ‘Cancel’.

If your order is complete it cannot be cancelled. Completed orders can be seen in the ‘History’ section. If your order is not found in the orders or history section, kindly write to us at support@cropbytes.com

There are two ways you can check your order history.
1. Quick trade panel > Orders > History
2. Profile > History > Order History

Ensure you have enough TRX balance in your game wallet to place an order. If you have sufficient funds in your account, Kindly make sure that they are not locked in another order. If you have insufficient funds, you can buy TRX directly OR deposit from another wallet.

The ‘Assets’ dropdown list shows all the assets that are available in the market. Assets that are not yet listed in the market will not be shown in the list. Subscribe to the CropBytes Telegram Channel to stay updated on market launches and more.

The price of an asset is affected by demand-supply economics. When demand for an asset exceeds supply, there will be a rise in the price. Similarly, when the supply of an asset exceeds the demand, there will be a drop in the price.

Quick trade panel can be accessed from your portfolio of assets.

No verification is needed for using Quick trade. Verification is mandatory for withdrawals. Verify now.

You can contact us at support@cropbytes.com for any additional queries or issues you are facing.

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