Game Assets

👉 Food required for animals (Takes) changes weekly.Know More.
👉 Animals & Superheroes consume 1 Fruit Feed (FRF) on every 'Sunday' instead of their regular food.
👉 Pro animals (ATX , ATY , EGL , BP , HH , PLP , BLB , GSHP , MP , OAK) take different amount of Fruit Feed (FRF) on 'Sunday'. Please check below.
👉 Buy Fruit Feed (FRF) from Market
👉 Animals & Superheroes consume Water daily.
👉 If health is below 80, animals will not produce extracts. Learn more
👉 If health is below 80, superhero abilities will not work. Learn more
👉 Production Time and Grinding Time may change during in-game events.