How To Play

CropBytes is a game of business based on real world farming. You can play the game to own assets and increase your farm’s output, or trade them with other players for returns in crypto.

Watch & Learn

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Place Assets
Grow crops and fruits
Make food
Feed animals
Collect CBX
Collect utilities
Buy and sell
Buy Pro Assets


Sign up & get free assets

Sign up now to get a free trial pack. Use your free trial assets to learn about the game and the economy. You can play CropBytes on Android, iOS and web.


Grow crops & make food

Grow crops & fruits, harvest them. Once harvested, you can grind them to make food for your animals or sell them for crypto.


Feed animals, collect extracts

Animals have to be fed daily. In return, they give you extracts like milk, wool, eggs, truffles, etc. These can be converted to CBX. Missing feed will lead to loss in health and extracts.


Trade & earn crypto

Trading is the best way to grow your portfolio. Make calculated trades in the market and get returns on them, just like the real world.


Own more, earn more

Get assets and NFTs to expand your farming business. Superheroes are rare NFT’s that can boost your farm’s output. Pro asssets like Feed Mill help boost your daily revenue.

A Balanced Economy

CropBytes is leading the crypto gaming revolution with a beautifully crafted game economy.
Use the power of crypto to play and earn in the virtual world.
Get assets and start farming
Grow crops to make food
Feed animals and collect extracts
Collect utilities to use and sell
Convert extracts to CBX
Trade assets and collectibles
Generate returns in crypto

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