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How to play

CropBytes is an online Crypto Game based on the real-world farming economy, where you play and own assets inside the game & use them to provide goods & services to other players or trade. Here’s how to get started...

Sign up and get free assets

Play & earn Crypto on your way to work, school or just anywhere. You can also play CropBytes on web from your laptop or pc. Sign up now to get a free trial pack.

Grow crops & make food

Grow crops & fruits, harvest them to make food for your animals or sell them for crypto. You get extracts milk, eggs etc. when you feed your animals.

Feed animals, collect extracts

Animals require food daily, in return you receive extracts like milk, wool, eggs, truffles, game coins etc. You can sell them in the market for crypto.

Trade and earn crypto

Trading is a great way to earn crypto and maintain balance in the economy. Assets like buildings, animals, extracts & harvest are trade-able.

Own more, earn more

Buy assets and grow your farming business. More assets, bigger your farming business. Sell utilities, produce & more to grow your daily crypto returns.

Watch and learn
These quick & easy guides will walk you through the gameplay on CropBytes.
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