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Offer Terms & Conditions

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Invite & Earn Program

  • Referral rewards will be earned by both the referrer and referee.
  • Referral code can be shared with as many as friends to get the referral rewards.
  • Rewards for both referrer and referee will be unlocked only when a referral is complete.
  • Completion of referral: A referral is complete when the referee finishes the activity assigned to them.
  • Activity details will be mentioned in the rewards section of the referral page
  • Rewards expire in 30 days if they are not unlocked.
  • Rewards will be credited to player account as soon as it is unlocked.
  • Rewards earned are non-tradable, non-transferable, non-salable.
  • TRX value of the reward is non withdrawable. Visit the referral dashboard to check the TRX value of each reward.
  • Free Trial Pack for new users will be valid for 7 days from sign up.
  • CropBytes is not responsible for any loss that occurs to the players.
  • Any player conducting fraudulent activities with regards to the CropBytes Referral Program will be denied any further participation in the program and earlier bonuses will also be withheld.
  • If any fraudulent activities are noticed, CropBytes has the right to disqualify the players or take necessary action.

Scratch Cards in Bell Ring

  • The scratch cards offer program is valid for a limited time only. CropBytes reserves the right to modify or cancel it at any time.
  • Bell rings in the CropBytes farm app are allowed between only referrer and referees.
  • Only new referrals are applicable which are done after the launch date [March 1st, 2020]
  • Referrer & Referee can exchange rings with each other only once a day.
  • Every bell ring in a user account will be converted to 1 scratch card and will be automatically added to the user account.
  • Players can refer unlimited users & keep exchanging the rings.
  • Players must conduct an activity on that day to send the rings. Each of the following will be considered as 1 activity:
    • Starting a crop
    • Harvesting a crop
    • Grinding a crop
    • Feeding animals
    • Trading assets
    • GC trading
    • GC conversion to assets vice-versa
    • Package purchase.

Contact Information

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