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On signup you receive free trial assets to help you learn and understand the game. Check out our ‘How To Play’ page and tutorials. Join our community to discuss and learn from co-players.

On signup you will receive a free trial pack, you can play and learn more about the game using these assets. The pack will be available for 7 days from signup. After which you will need to buy assets in the game to continue earning. Earnings from your trial assets can be reinvested in the game, however they can’t be withdrawn.

By playing the game and contributing to the game’s economy, you can earn crypto tokens.These tokens can be exchanged for real fiat currency.

You can buy it from CropBytes Exchange at the market price or you can participate in upcoming features (Staking).

Log in to your account, head to Profile > My wallet. You can deposit crypto into game wallet from your personal crypto wallet or exchange wallet.

Withdrawals can be made only to wallets accepting TRX (TRC 20) Tokens. Click here to learn more about withdrawals.

There is no fee for breeding animals. Breeding will be available in a future release, details & procedure will be announced soon.

CropBytes features an open economy where assets can be traded, prices of assets in the game fluctuate based on the demand and supply of these assets.

No, there is no fee for breeding animals. Although there is a long procedure.

In the future we will release new features & events like farm visits which is based on the map.

We're planning to conduct surprise events such as horse races and much more.

DAPP is under development. Currently, this game is not a DAPP, this is because we have not yet finalized all concepts in the game and we would like to improve based on the likes and dislikes of our community. Once this is almost finalized we will be transferring everything to the TRON network.

The CropBytes Telegram channel covers important announcements, updates and news about the game. The CropBytes Telegram community is for players to discuss, ask questions & communicate with other players & friends. Follow our Telegram channel & join our community group.

You can contact us on for any additional queries or issues you are facing.

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