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Superhero NFTs on CropBytes

What are Superhero NFTs?

Superheroes are NFTs in the CropBytes ecosystem. They are limited edition collectables with superpowers that can increase your farm's output in the game. Also they can breed to make superbabies, that have additional superpowers.

Superheroes can be bought by burning Game Coins. In the future, players will be able to trade, battle with their Superheroes!

A word from our NFT fans


NFT Collector

“I started with my NFT collection early on compared to most players. I am really glad I did. Its like owning a pack of All-Star baseball cards”


NFT Collector

“Owning Superheroes on CropBytes is great! I use them on my farm to get more produce. It has increased my profits”


Crypto Gamer

“I play many games, so far CropBytes is the only one that has a great economy and good use for NFTs in the game“

Why go for CB Superhero NFTs?
Open Market Economy


Only a limited number of Superheroes will be made, don’t miss out on this!

Top Ranked Crypto Game on Alexa


Your Superhero's powers will boost your daily crypto earnings.

Available on iOS, Android and Web


Breed Superheroes to make superbabies with unique powers.

Real Ownership


In the future, you can battle your Superheroes.

Addictive Play
Start your Superhero NFT collection

Convert your Game Coins (GC) and use them to buy Superheroes. Your Superheroes are used to boost your farm's output and make more profits. What's more? You can breed them to make Superhero NFT babies.


Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are digital assets that represent a wide range of unique tangible and intangible items like collectibles, art and other digital objects. In CropBytes, Superhero NFTs are used in the game for boosting a farm's output and more.

Superhero NFTs on CropBytes can only be created by burning Game Coins. As more players own Superheroes, the cost of making a Superhero increases and so does its value.

  1. Create an account on CropBytes.
  2. Buy the required amount of Game Coins from the CropBytes Exchange or use the Game Coins in your account.
  3. Head to the Pro Assets page and buy the Superhero of your choice.

A male and female Superhero is required, to breed and get superbabies. Learn more about Superhero breeding.

Currently Superheroes can only be bought by burning Game Coins (GC). In the future, players will be able to buy, sell and trade these NFTs.

Superhero NFTs can be used to boost your farm’s output. Each Superhero has a unique ability that will help boost your earnings in the game. In the future they will be tradable and used in battles. Learn more about Superhero abilities.

You can contact us on for any additional queries or information about Superhero NFTs.