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Own Fungible Assets, trade with farmers in an open market, and strategize to grow your portfolio.

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Sandeep Nailwal

Co-Founder - Polygon

Eric Su

Founder - Exnetwork Capital

Tamar Menteshashvili

Ecosystem Growth - Solana

Kyle Chasse

Founder - Master Ventures

Kenzi Wang

Co-founder - AU21 Capital

Nischal Shetty

Founder & CEO - Wazirx

What's New?

A round up of the latest news and releases.

The Game Experience

Get rewards in crypto as you play and build your skills

Farming Business

Learn how to use assets to grow your farm into a successful business.
How to Play

Mine $CBX

Build your farm, contribute to the ecosystem and get CBX tokens.
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A Balanced Economy

CropBytes is leading the crypto gaming revolution with a beautifully crafted game economy.
Use the power of crypto to play and earn in the virtual world.
Get assets and start farming
Grow crops to make food
Feed animals and collect extracts
Collect utilities to use and sell
Convert extracts to CBX
Trade assets and collectibles
Generate returns in crypto

Our Highlights

Over the last 4 years we have built one of the most immersive gaming experiences. Here are some key features.
Balanced Economy
Real Ownership
Open Market Trade
Utility Based NFTs
Metaverse of Games
Leaders in Crypto Gaming

What's New?

A round up of the latest news and releases.

Talk of the Town!

It's a fun game that earned me a lot of money and gonna earn me a lot more in the future. It has changed my life!

Jimmy De Cleen Farming since 2018

CropBytes has given me a platform to not rely on jobs anymore. I can survive in India with my CB farm. So I guess it has relieved me from a lot of stress of being jobless with 5 kids. :)

Arsalan Shaikh Farming since 2020

I have made more friends than I can truly call family now, and I have learned more about crypto than I ever thought I would know. All while playing a farming game!!! Much love to the devs as well for creating a great game, Can't wait to see what the future holds.

Richard Braaten Farming since 2020

It is valuable to me because I was born with a family of farmers and I know the hard work and dedication of a farmer. I want to experience being a farmer but now in the digital world.

Tristan Roy Farming since 2021

It gave me an investment opportunity and also the chance to meet awesome people at my CB Army, Cryptic Menaces.

Aldo Paz Farming since 2021

The Dream Team

Meet our awesome team members!
Sandeep Kumar


Sheryl Varghese


Pradeep Kumar

Game Dev


Siddharth Menon

Co-founder & COO - Wazirx


Eric Su

Founder - Exnetwork Capital


Vaibhav Chhabra

Founder - Maker's Asylum

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